California Felony and Misdemeanor Expungements

California Penal Code 1203.4 allows a person with a felony conviction to petition the court to have them re-open the case, set aside your guilty plea and dismiss the case. From now on you will no longer be considered convicted of the felony by the state of California, and your criminal record will be permanently changed to display a dismissal rather than a felony conviction.

If you were charge on a Felony level here in California and need an expungement, you must answer YES to the following questions.

1st. You were charged and convicted in state court, NOT federal court.

2nd. Your sentence did not involve going to state prison. County jail and holding cells are NOT state prison.

3rd. You have successfully completed probation (informal or formal), or if you were not given probation one year must pass since your conviction date. If still on probation check out our early termination of probation service.

4th. You must have satisfied all the requirements of your sentence (fines, restitution, mandatory programs, community service, classes, etc.).

5th. You did not violate any of the terms of your probation (that the court is aware of). If you did violate any terms of your probation we are still able to petition the court for relief under PC 1203.4, but the court may be less likely to grant the petition.

6th. You are not currently charged with another criminal offense, on probation for another criminal offense, or serving a sentence for another criminal offense.



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