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Attorney P Jeff Voll has been defending criminal cases since 2001. He has exclusively practiced criminal defense law and has never been employed by any prosecuting agency. In one 12 month period Mr. Voll singlehandedly was successful in achieving over 100 case dismissals that were prosecuted by Los Angeles County prosecutors. He was born in the El Sereno section of Los Angeles in 1965 and first attended Sierra Park elementary school then transferring to Fremont School in Alhambra. He graduated from Alhambra High School in 1983 and later attended and graduated from Pasadena City College where he earned his Associate Arts degree in 1990 and his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance from California State University Los Angeles in 1992.

Mr. Voll has always wanted to assist those who have been charged with committing criminal offenses. He passed the California State Bar on June 5th, 2001 and he started working for the Los Angeles County Public Defender on June 25, 2001. To Mr. Voll, there is no better profession than being able to defend the criminally accused in a court of law. He is by no measure a so called bleeding heart liberal but rather he is one who understands why certain crimes are committed and believes that incarceration should only be a last result for the most serious of offenders. Mr. Voll knows first hand the devastating effects drug use and abuse has on American families which is the number one cause of the majority of persons being in prison today. The United States possesses about 5% of the World’s population yet we house about 25% of the World’s prison population. The United States locks up more people faster than any other Country on earth. We can’t be all bad. It’s obvious incarceration is not the answer in this country if we build more prisons than we build Universities. The odds are stacked against us. What is seen as criminal behavior now was not 20 or 30 years ago. When we were kids you could light fireworks in your front yard on the 4th of July. In the City of Pasadena where I now reside, if a police officer sees you light a safe and sane firework on the 4th of July within the City, you will be issued a citation to go to court where you will face criminal charges. When I first became a Los Angeles County Public Defender, I worked the Central Arraignment Courts which are more commonly known as Bauchet Street due to the Courts being located at 429 Bauchet Street Los Angeles CA 90012. There were countless people coming to court for criminal court arraignment on the most trivial of charges such as drinking in public, trespassing, etc... There was one Judge in Div. 80 of the Central Arraignment Courts who would routinely dismiss drunk in public charges telling each and every defendant “I know it’s common to cool down in the City of Los Angeles with a beer every now and then, but it is illegal to do so in public. However, I will dismiss this case. Please do not drink in public again.” Of course this is not the way to resolve all criminal issues in California but I am just using this as an example of some incidents not having to have been charged at all.

Petition’s for Dismissal also known as expungements afford the criminally convicted of a way to dismiss any past charges that may now prevent them from gainful employment or even termination from an existing job. What the expungement process does is effectively go back in time to before the defendant was convicted and dismisses the case. Thus leaving the once convicted the opportunity to state truthfully on any subsequent application for employment that they have never been convicted of any crime. Caveat: some applications ask to list any convictions even those that were expunged. In that circumstance, one must list any criminal conviction even though it was expunged. Mr. Voll has been winning Petitions for Dismissal for his clients for 21 years. He has a 99% success rate in getting cases dismissed via Penal Code section 1203.4 which is the expungement statute.  The rare times he has not been successful in obtaining a granting of a Petition for Dismissal was when the client did not tell him the truth about the client fulfilling all the terms of their probation. For example, if someone owed restitution to a victim which was ordered to be paid by the Judge, which in fact was not paid by the defendant, then the chances are very good that the Judge will deny the Petition for Dismissal/Expungement until the restitution is paid. Sometimes a client will not advise their lawyer that they suffered another conviction subsequent to the one they are attempting to expunge and the prosecutor or Judge get wind of the latter conviction and either the prosecutor argues that the current case should not be dismissed or the Judge on his or her own doing will deny the Petition.  

There are many lawyers who advertise that they will file your Petition for Dismissal on your behalf. When you hire me I file it the day you retain me. I know how important it is for you to have a clean record so I file it immediately. My fees have not changed in 21 years. There is absolutely no reason the charge more for a felony expungement than for a misdemeanor expungement. The most you will ever pay for an expungement is $700.00 if the conviction was in San Bernardino or Orange County. That is a flat fee with no additional costs which includes the filing fee of $150.00. If the conviction was in Los Angeles or Riverside County, then the filing fee is $120.00.

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